Chef Abel makes the most nourishing delicious handmade Sonoran Heirloom Tortillas on the market. Vegan & preservative free.

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My Great-Great Grandmother, Cruz Alday Peña and my Great Grandmother, Cruzita Peña Ramos. -  1950's

My tortillas are made as a humble tribute to my great-great grandmother and great grandmother. With help from my grandmother and using their heirloom recipe, heritage grain and natural ingredients, as nature intended them to be used, I make the most nourishing and delicious vegan tortillas on the market today. My tortillas are hand made and cooked resulting in a traditional flavor and texture not found in machine heat pressed varieties of today.  You'll find these tortillas, and additional products,  a throw back of when food was simpler and respected. Something I have learned from my family and hope to  continue and pass on. 

My Story


I have been obsessed with my Nana's (grandmother) tortillas since before I can even remember. Waking up to the smell of her cooking tortillas is my most favorite smell in the whole world. I would literally walk around the house with an entire bag of tortillas, eating them like chips. So at 6 years old my Nana taught me how to make them. 

My second obsession was to someday start my own business. I would make up names for my business and come up with tag lines. So, at the ripe age of 10, my Nana told me that as a summer project we were going to start a business  to learn about entrepreneurship. I knew right away what I wanted my business to be, TORTILLAS.  But not just any tortilla. My family tortilla.

My tortilla story really started in the late 1800's when my great-great grandmother, Cruz Alday, was born and raised in Calabasas, Arizona (now known as Rio Rico). Ground zero of where the flour tortilla originated and the Heritage Grain was planted. Jesuit Priest, Father Kino brought with him to this territory, a special grain that resulted in the formation of the flour tortilla. My desire is to make that same tortilla using the same heritage grain my great-great grandmother used, the White Sonora Wheat. That grain, almost extinct, has seen a resurgence and I want to be part of the movement to bring it back starting with our family.

My Mission


To change the world and how you think about food, one tortilla at a time.

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Re-Birth of the White Sonora Wheat

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